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Stress and Digestion: Things You Should Know

Between work, bills, relationships, and just the craziness of everyday life, millions of Americans are under a great deal of stress. That’s not something to be taken lightly. Chronic stress can take a huge toll on the body, leading to serious health issues. Some ways that stress impacts the body include: high blood pressure, heart attack, insomnia, weakened immunity, weight gain, and poor digestion.

Let’s focus on that last issue — poor digestion.

When a person experiences chronic stress, certain chemicals are released into their body. Think back to grade school science. Do you remember the term fight or flight? While the body can stand to be in “fight or flight” mode for a period of time, today we are spending far too much time stressed out and not enough time “resting and digesting”. This chronic stress and overwhelming release of chemicals cause a number of detrimental effects in your gut that can eventually lead to poor overall health.

1) Unbalanced Gut Bacteria

2) Compromises The Intestinal Barrier (Leaky Gut)

3) Fuels Inflammation

4) Decreased Nutrient Absorption

5) Stress Increases Pain

8 Natural Ways to beat stress

1. Exercise

2. Walk or run outdoors

3. Practice Yoga

4. Meditate

5. Journal about what's stressing you out

6. Drink soothing tea

7. Take an Epsom salt bath

8. Get enough sleep

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